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Mu Eka Tumara

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Rating: 7.4/10 (14 votes cast)

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” Mu Eka Tumara ” Movie Review !!!
“4.5” Star

Mu Eka Tumara is path-breaking and revolution in Odia Films . You will enjoy each and every part of this film with your family !!!

Detailed Review :
If you have a complain that Odia movies have lost their Originality and Identity; then sorry to say that you are completely wrong… Go and Watch Mu Eka Tumara.This movie has everything that will make Odia Movie Viewers feel proud.

This film starts with a Big Odia Wedding where Virendra(Mihir Das)’s Son Mahesh(Debashis) is all set to marry Pratap (Prithwiraj)’s daughter Chitralekha(Archita). Both families have come together to stay at Vierendra’s firm-house for the next four days for this grand wedding. Here comes Raju(Sabyasachi) who works as a Servant or Naukar at Virendra’s place. Raju is a mute innocent guy who can hear and understand everything but is unable to speak a word. Raju escapes Chitra from a danger and
wins her heart. Later Chitra gets to know that Raju is not a natural mute. He can actually speak but is not saying a word because there is a story behind it. That story gets unfold slowly. Then after knowing about Raju’s past, Chitra falls for Raju and gets mad for him. She wants to marry Raju instead of Mahesh. What is the story of Raju and happens next is a complete suspense that you will come to know when you watch the movie.

The biggest plus point of the movie is , it has a run time of 140mins(2hrs 20mins), so you will never feel that the story is being dragged and you will never get bored.The core of the movie “Sabyasachi” as “Raju” creates a Barfi! type of magic on the screen. Susant Mani as a director explains the story quite amazingly.

This movie has friendship,family values, togetherness, comedy, action, drama, suspense, emotion and most importantly pure love ,all the elements needed for a complete movie.This movie has no weak scenes and will hold you to your seat till the end.Complete Raw Fights create excitement.

Gobara(Satyaki) and Gajju(Harihar)’s Tom And Jerry fight for Chandramalli(Lovely) is funny.Sexy Chandramalli will entertain you in her item number “Maa Lo Malli”.Though Raju is the Hero in the movie , he delivers slapstick comedy through his Talkative character.Aaina(Ragini) as second female lead plays well her part. Aaina looks very cute on screen.Maheswata and Sabysachi’s Mother-Son relation will bring tears in your eyes.Archita justifies Chitra’s character who loves Raju madly and blindly.

You will literally get Goosebumps in many scenes .
1>A scene where Raju searches for his priceless possession,the anklets(Paoonji).
2>Chitra’s confession for Raju in a series of sequences and in-front of Uncle Gobara.
3>Raju being tortured again and again without any mistakes.
4>The death scene of Aaina(Ragini).
5>The climax .

All these scenes are full of complete suspense with melo-drama and are executed brilliantly.

Sarthak’s Banner is famous for its quality and this time it has raised its own bar.Music has been well composed by Bikash Das. Title song is best from the lot and it has been sweetly sung by Saurin and Namita Agrawal.Choreography is of complete Bollywood Ishtyle .Camera Works has been beyond perfection.Story and Screenplay justify their importance.Dialogues could have been better.It should be Susant Mani’s path breaking revolution after Abhimanyu and Chocolate.Completely different but amazingly Directed.

The Movie has all your Favourite Stars of the old days including Bijay Mohanty, MihirDas, Prithwiraj, Priyanka, Ushashi, Satwaki, Harihar and Mahasweta. Kudos !!! Sarthak Team for this lovely Star-Cast. The Title Of The Movie “Mu Eka Tumara” justifies its meaning.

A major point to be noted !!! Sabyasachi and Archita Look Completely Revamped On Screen.They Share a Brilliant Chemistry.It should be Sabyasachi’s best acting till date.

After watching this movie you will say a single word !!! I have watched a Odia Movie after a long time!!!

So if you are planning to watch a movie this Rajo with your family then don’t wait !!! Rush into your nearest Cinemas and watch Mu Eka Tumara !!! A movie that has everything that you need.

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Mu Eka Tumara, 7.4 out of 10 based on 14 ratings

5 Responses to “Mu Eka Tumara”

  1. asutosh

    best oriya film till i have watched

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  2. ramana

    will kick all others ass badly

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    Rating: 0 (from 2 votes)
  3. pritam pandey

    perfect movie.perfect acting by sabyasachi.susant mani fabulous acting

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  4. santosh panda

    i watched this movie yesterday Archita is looking so beautiful. she is truly the ollywood queen

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  5. soumya

    i want to see this film

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